Recording Session - February 2018

[work in progress] still images from an upcoming video for a group of young girls who recorded an original song paying homage to the elders in their lives. 

As Quiet As It's Kept (AQAIK): Recap Video - November 2017

As Quiet As It's Kept (AQAIK) is a work in progress multi-media installation that took place at the Bedford Stuyvesant arts and community center, Bailey's Cafe. Encompassing theatre, image projection, sound scape DJing, dance, song and community engagement, AQAIK highlights the impact of gentrification on residents through the stories of military and community veterans of this Brooklyn, NY neighborhood. 

Production Roles: Videographer and Editor

Since 2012, I have had the honor of documenting visual and performing artist , Frances Bradley.  Below are several video installations we have collaborated on in her on-going work to address sexual violence through an autobiographical painting series entitled Womanhood or Woman's Hurt? (WHWH).  Stay tuned for more work from this project and check out the news tab  for related events. 

WHWH: [Promotional Video]  - 2013

"Womanhood or Woman's-Hurt? is a 12-piece autobiographical art series that illustrates Frances Bradley's experience as a victim of sexual violence but it is every victim's story. The series was conceptualized during therapy and has helped Bradley heal through artistic expression."

Production Roles: Co-Director/Cinematographer/Editor

WHWH: FREE [Music Video] - 2014

"FREE" is a performance art piece, conceptualized, produced and performed by artist, Frances Nielah Bradley who is a survivor of sexual abuse. This is a multi-media piece that is apart of her art series, Womanhood or Woman's-Hurt?: The Art of Healing. The purpose of the Womanhood or Woman's-Hurt?

Production Roles: Assistant Camera/Editor

Womanhood or Woman's Hurt?: A Documentary [TEASER] - 2016


"Directed by: Frances Nielah Bradley Executive Produced by: Stacey Muhammad and Marc Lamont Hill Cinematography by: Tanya Jackson & Sammie Amachree Soundtrack by Monica McIntyre and Cherisse Bradley FILM SYNOPSIS Womanhood or Woman's-Hurt?: A Documentary, explores the intimate and personal story of visual and performing artist, Frances Bradley."

Production Roles: Producer/Cinematographer/Editor