Covering a community news reporter for Media Mobilizing Project: Philadelphia, PA 

Teaching Final Cut Pro 7 editing techniques for Educational Video Center: New York, NY

Teaching camera skills for Educational Video Center: New York, NY

Tanya Jackson is an independent media maker, media educator and program administrator. She has invested in the empowerment of youth and underserved communities for more than a decade by leading developmental/enrichment programs that foster life skills, digital and media literacy, as well as providing media production training. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from SUNY Albany, and a Master's degree in Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media from Temple University in Philadelphia.

In her wide ranging media production roles, Tanya has served from co-producing, co-shooting and co-editing for Tavis Smiley & Cornel West’s The Poverty Tour, to Script Supervising for award-winning filmmaker, Chinonye Chukwu, on her feature-length film, Alaskaland and short film, A Long Walk.  Through her production company, Life Happens Media Works, LLC, Tanya produces corporate videos and conducts video trainings, as well as producing collaborative media projects.  Since 2011, Tanya has worked with performing artists and painter Frances Bradley’s Womanhood or Woman’s Hurt? project, co-producing, shooting and editing three video pieces.  During this same time period, Tanya has also been in production of the short documentary, Womanhood or Woman’s Hurt?: A Documentary, chronicling Frances’ journey to complete the artwork. For the last four years, Tanya served as the Co-Director of the Youth Documentary Workshop at Educational Video Center in New York City where she taught high school students from across the city to produce 20-minute social justice documentary films. For bookings, collaborations and/or freelance consultations, please contact Tanya at the information listed below or in the contact tab.